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Christina Jackson
Graduate Assistant
Educational Leadership
Phone Number: 870-230-5267
HSU Box: 7790
Email: jacksoch@hsu.edu
Office: Education Center 218
Duane Jackson
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics
Phone Number: 870-230-5026
HSU Box: 7752
Email: jacksod@hsu.edu
Office: Evans 111C
Lonnie Jackson
Associate Professor of Management/Master of Business Administration Director
School of Business
Phone Number: 870-230-5311
HSU Box: 7801
Email: jacksol@hsu.edu
Office: Mooney 322
Raleigh Jackson
Assistant Football Coach
Phone Number: 870-230-5461
HSU Box: 7821
Email: jacksor@hsu.edu
Office: Formby 108
Roderick Jackson
Graduate Assistant
Campus Recreation
Phone Number: 870-230-5166
HSU Box: 7554
Email: jacksorr@hsu.edu
Office: REC120
W. Martin James
Professor of Political Science
Social Sciences
Phone Number: 870-230-5298
HSU Box: 7511
Email: jamesm@hsu.edu
Office: McBrien 201E
Judith Jenkins
Associate Professor and Coordinator of Educational Leadership
Educational Leadership
Phone Number: 870-230-5232
HSU Box: 7790
Email: jenkinj@hsu.edu
Office: Education Center 219
Carolyn Jester
Assistant Professor of Special Education
Advanced Instructional Studies
Phone Number: 870-230-5282
HSU Box: 7683
Email: jesterc@hsu.edu
Office: Education Center 220
Eric Jett
Adjunct Faculty
Counselor Education
Phone Number: 870-230-5163
HSU Box: 7514
Email: jette@hsu.edu
Office: Education Center 224
Erma Johnson
Administrative Specialist I
Business Office
Phone Number: 870-230-5125
HSU Box: 7531
Email: johnsoed@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 314
Teena Johnson
Adjunct Faculty
Phone Number:
HSU Box: 7793
Email: johnsot@hsu.edu
Amanda Jones
Director Teacher Education Admissions/Clinical Experiences
Teachers College, Henderson
Phone Number: 870-230-5385
HSU Box: 7621
Email: jonesa@hsu.edu
Office: Education Center 213
Jana Jones
Assistant Professor of Communication and Theatre Arts
Communication and Theatre Arts
Phone Number: 870-230-5444
HSU Box: 7760
Email: jonesj@hsu.edu
Office: Arkansas Hall 217
Lenette Jones
Assistant Athletic Director of Internal Affairs
Athletics Staff
Phone Number: 870-230-5010
HSU Box: 7630
Email: joneslc@hsu.edu
Office: Wells 108K
Marcus Jones
Public Safety Officer
University Police
Phone Number: 870-230-5098
HSU Box: 7572
Email: jonesd@hsu.edu
Office: Meeks
Rae'Shawn Jones
Graduate Assistant
Communication and Theatre Arts
Phone Number: 870-230-5445
HSU Box: 7760
Email: jonesssh@hsu.edu
Office: AH221
Robert Jones
Administrative Specialist III
University Police
Phone Number: 870-230-5817
HSU Box: 7572
Email: jonesr@hsu.edu
Office: MEEKS
Shawn Jones
Athletic Director
Athletics Staff
Phone Number: 870-230-5072
HSU Box: 7630
Email: jonessh@hsu.edu
Office: Wells 108F
Tim Jones
Director of Purchasing
Phone Number: 870-230-5117
HSU Box: 7894
Email: jonest@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 314
Vivian Jones
Administrative Specialist III
Phone Number: 870-230-5628
HSU Box: 7534
Email: jonesvl@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 210B
Zydrunas Jurgutis
Graduate Assistant
School of Business
Phone Number:
HSU Box: 7801
Email: jurgutz@hsu.edu