Academic Scholarships

Transfer Scholarship Guide

The application for admission serves as the application for academic transfer scholarships.

Scholarship Eligibility

ALL admitted transfer students will receive a scholarship!

To be admitted to Henderson State as a transfer student, you must have 12 or more transferable credit hours and a 2.0 or higher grade point average. Students cannot be awarded more than one institutional academic scholarship. Scholarship amounts are divided into three tiers and are based on the student's incoming grade point average.

Scholarship Name Amount Hours Earned Transfer GPA
Transfer Scholarship - Tier 1 $4,500 / Academic Year 12+ Hours 3.5 or higher
Transfer Scholarship - Tier 2 $4,000 / Academic Year 12+ Hours 3.0 - 3.49
Transfer Scholarship - Tier 3 $2,000 / Academic Year 12+ Hours 2.0 - 2.99

* Scholarships are awarded per year. The student will be awarded half of the shown amount each fall and spring semester.

  • Transfer scholarships are awarded to students transferring from regionally accredited institutions of higher education.
  • Students must have earned a minimum of 12 transferable hours prior to enrolling at HSU. (These transferable credit hours do not include concurrent courses taken during high school.)
  • International students are not eligible to apply for academic transfer scholarships.
  • Students who qualify will receive an email notifying them they've been awarded a scholarship. There will be a link to a form where students can accept/decline their scholarship.
  • Students that accept their academic scholarship award are required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to Henderson State. Millions of dollars in federal financial aid are awarded to Henderson students each year, and there is no fee to apply. When submitting a FAFSA form, students who wish to apply to Henderson State must enter code: 001098. The FAFSA application is available on Oct. 1 annually. Eligibility for federal financial aid is determined by family income as reported to the IRS two years prior to the student’s college entry term.

How to Get a Scholarship

  1. Apply for admission at
  2. Submit transcripts from all previoulsy attended institutions
  3. Accept your scholarship through your application portal

Scholarship Renewal

  • Transfer academic scholarships are awarded for four to eight consecutive semesters or until the completion of an undergraduate degree, whichever comes first, provided the student maintains all scholarship requirements. The number of semesters awarded is dependent upon the number of hours transferred to Henderson State (see chart).
  • Students transferring from two-year colleges/community colleges may transfer in a maximum of 60 credit hours. Students transferring from four-year colleges/universities may transfer in a maximum of 90 credit hours.
  • Scholarships are awarded for fall and spring terms only and do not cover summer terms.
  • Academic scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time enrollment (12 or more credits per semester). At the end of each spring term, recipients must meet the scholarship’s cumulative grade point average requirement (2.0 GPA). Concurrent enrollment on another campus cannot be used to meet this requirement and will not be covered by the scholarship. Incompletes (I) posted on transcripts are not considered as completed hours.

Range of Transferable Hours

Awarded Consecutive Semesters

Less than 30 hours

8 semesters
31-60 hours 6 semesters
61-90+ hours 4 semesters
  • All transferable college coursework is calculated into the cumulative GPA for scholarship eligibility determination, as well as semesters to be awarded. Scholarship recipients who attend summer terms should be aware those grades may affect scholarship status when cumulative GPA is reviewed.
  • Transfer scholarship renewal is based on the cumulative GPA in completed Henderson State coursework.
  • Scholarship eligibility is reviewed immediately after grades are posted at the end of each semester. Scholarships are canceled for subsequent terms if renewal criteria are not fully met. Cancellation notices are sent to the student’s Henderson email account. For students who have faced hardship or extenuating circumstances, please contact the Financial Aid Office to appeal.

Declining a Scholarship

Scholarship recipients who accepted a scholarship, but decided not to attend Henderson State are required to notify the Office of Enrollment Services and Admissions in writing.

Other Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of all academic scholarships and each subsequent renewal are subject to change and will be governed by university scholarship policies. To remain in compliance with Act 323 of 2009, the University reserves the right to cancel or modify any scholarship funded by the institution at any time.

  • Scholarship awards can only be applied to tuition and fees assessed to all general students, room or board, or textbooks. Scholarship funds not needed for tuition, fees, room or board, or textbooks cannot be applied to any other cost. Scholarship awards have no cash value and cannot be refunded.
  • *Fees do not include: Application to Graduate Studies Fee, Course Change Fee, Graduation Application Late Fee, Graduation Fee, Late Registration Fee, Traffic fines, Late Payment Fee, Library fines, Housing Deposits, Housing Damage Fee, Duplicate ID Fee, and any other fee that is not considered to be assessed to all general students.