Returning Students


When your blood runs Red and Gray, it’s impossible to forget your Henderson experience. Once a Reddie. Always a Reddie.

Even though the university still has nationally recognized faculty, engaging academic programs that prepare students for careers and for life, rich traditions like the Battle of the Ravine, and a campus life that is second to none, there is something missing.


We’d like to welcome you back on campus… where you belong. So, finish what you started. It’s easy to return to Henderson State University.

Find more information on the Registrar's page on readmission, then complete the online application.

Why Come Back to Henderson State?

  1. You are closer than you may think to completing a degree at Henderson State.
  2. Employers compare a Henderson State degree favorably to the credentials and preparation provided by other schools — making you highly marketable.
  3. Henderson State continues to be one of the most affordable universities in the state and the region.
  4. Many of your friends and mentors are here…waiting for you to come home.
  5. This is the place that cares about you as an individual, and our passion is to support and inspire your success.