College of Performing Arts and Social Sciences

Integrated Studies

The Integrated Studies program empowers students to customize their own degree path that will allow them to achieve career goals.

The program is designed to utilize university resources in developing a personalized, challenging plan of study. Interdisciplinary in nature, the student is required to develop a thorough understanding of integrating two or more disciplines into a meaningful program, leading to advancement into the professional world or to graduate study. While requiring substantial investment on the part of the student, the program places a high priority on academic advising. Each student will work closely with an assigned advisor from the introductory course through Senior Seminar.

During their tenure in the program, students will enroll in ISD 3003 Introduction to Integrated Studies. As part of that course, the student will develop a Statement of Purpose which will act as a guide for the plan of study.

In developing the plan of study, students are reminded that at least 42 hours must be taken at the junior and/or senior level. A maximum of seven hours of ”D” will be accepted in the LAC and elective area, but a grade of “C” or better is required in all other areas.

ISD 4033 is the online capstone course for the integrated studies degree. Taken at the end of the plan of study, students will complete a capstone project, e-portfolio, and public defense presentation.

You will integrate coursework from multiple disciplines – such as performing arts and psychology, sociology and education, or any other combination-- in preparation for academic and professional goals, leading to advancement in graduate study or the professional world.


Lacy Dunn
Dean, College of Performing Arts and Social Sciences