College of Performing Arts and Social Sciences

Digital Media Production

Earn a Bachelor of Arts or a minor in digital media production. Both are excellent opportunities to explore new ideas in unconventional ways.

The mission of the digital media production program is to prepare students for employment in the modern media workplace through practical, hands-on experiences, and by introducing the essential concepts, skills, and knowledge of new media technologies and production.

Choose the freedom and flexibility of a customizable degree to get the most out of your skills and ideas. Students with diverse skills and interests bringing new perspectives and ideas are what make the digital media production program great.

With a degree in digital media production, you could be a:

  • Drone Videographer
  • App Builder
  • Digital Journalist
  • Game Designer
  • Virtual Production Artist
  • Web Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • New Media Filmmaker
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Media Team Manager
  • Content Creator
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Documentary Filmmaker


Paul Glover
Associate Professor of Digital Media Production
Phone: 870-230-5215

Scott McKinnon
Instructor of Digital Media Production
Phone: 870-230-5536