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European Experience

Honors College European Experience 2019

The Honors European Experience is a 17-day journey to Europe for students in the Honors College. The trip includes visits to London, Paris, Florence, Venice, and Rome, as well as other places of interest. The trip is preceded by a preparation course that meets once per week during the spring semester. In this preparation course, discussions address travel preparation, travel documents, handling finances, health and safety issues, cultural education, as well as other topics that prepare students for travel.

Students who plan to participate in the journey are required to attend the preparation course and to research and write a paper and give a presentation on a topic that fits the course and the trip and that is approved by the professors.

The biennial journey begins on the Sunday after spring graduation and concludes when the group returns 17 days later. The trip is led by two professors who have extensive experience traveling Europe, both of whom have lived in Europe.

Students who successively complete all requirements will receive 3 credit hours.

A significant amount of trip expenses for students are covered by funds from the Honors College endowment funds.

Honors College students will receive an announcement about an interest meeting early in the fall semester. The next trip is scheduled for May 2022. For more information, please contact the Honors College Director.