The Center for Comics Studies

Mission Statement

The Center for Comics Studies at Henderson State University is dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of the comics art form through discovery, education and facilitation.

Discovery: The Center initiates both individual and collaborative research on neglected aspects of comics history, form and culture. The Center encourages interdisciplinary conversation about comics, and coordinates ongoing resarch projects involving multiple students and faculty from a variety of disciplines.

Education: The Center guides teachers, activists and professional communicators in finding innovative approaches for incorporating comics as a way of thinking and knowing into the pedagogical practices of a variety of disciplines. The Center provides students and faculty with unique learning opportunities through workshops, lectures and visiting artist programs.

Facilitation: The Center helps individuals and institutions harness the power of comics for fostering literacy, bolstering healthcare initiatives and other tangible benefits to teh community.


Dr. Travis Langley
Director of The Center for Comics Studies

Dr. Randy Duncan
Director Emeritus