College of Aviation, Science, and Nursing

Computer Engineering

The Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering emphasizes the ability of developing and adapting computer hardware for applications and prepares broadly trained computer engineers who are experienced in both software and hardware engineering. Computer engineers design, implement, program, verify, and analyze computing systems.

By understanding a computer system from top to bottom - from application software to operating systems to hardware and circuits - computer engineers are well prepared to create the wide array of computing systems and devices that we all use and depend upon every day.

Computer Engineering graduates work in every sector of the economy by:

  • Designing mobile phone operating systems, applications, and hardware
  • Designing scalable cloud service architectures, operating systems, and performance tools
  • Creating massively parallel computing hardware, operating systems, and libraries for scientific discoveries
  • Creating advanced embedded real time systems for all engineering sectors of the industry
  • Developing computing hardware and software systems for all modalities of medical imaging


Jim Harper
Associate Professor of Computer Science/Computer Science Coordinator
Caplinger Airway Science Building