Employment Classifications

Your employment classification determines eligibility for certain benefits. Members of the workforce occupying positions designated as Full-time are eligible for a wide array of benefits. Part-time employees are eligible for fewer benefits than Full-time. Members of the workforce occupying positions designated as Adjunct, or Extra Help are eligible to participate in a voluntary, unmatched annuity, receive employee discounts with designated services/product providers, the Bookstore and the HSU Caddo Cafeteria only. Work study participants are considered students, not employees. If you have any questions, please clarify them with your supervisor or Human Resources.

Classification Definitions

Administration includes the President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs and Student Success, Vice President for Finance and Administration,Vice President for University Advancement, General Counsel and Affirmative Action.

Deans include designated members of the management staff with campus-wide responsibility for administering large divisions/departments.

Classified Staff includes members of the workforce occupying positions appropriated by the Legislature and through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) assigned to a class in the ADHE State Employee classification plan.

Extra Help Staff includes members of the workforce hired at a position with a specific standard hourly rate on a part-time basis to assist with work overload. Extra Help Staff may work up to19 hours per week or 990 hours per calendar year.

Faculty includes members of the workforce occupying positions responsible for instruction.

Full-time Faculty: Members of the workforce contracted to teach, provide face-to-face guidance, problem solving and support to students, to positively influence the educational experience for students and actively participate in university committee work/innovation for nine or more months in a fiscal year.

Part-time Faculty (Adjunct): Members of the workforce contracted, by the course, to teach.

Management includes members of the professional staff with supervisory, budgetary and management responsibilities.

Professional Staff includes members of the workforce occupying positions allocated via the legislature and through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE).

Provisional Employees include members of the workforce occupying positions paid though alternative funding sources like grants and revenue generated specifically by the area worked. Provisional employees are not eligible for catastrophic leave or the early retirement option. Continued employment of provisional employees is contingent upon the availability of the alternative funding.

Classification of Personnel

Salary schedules by position classification are set by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE).

Employment of Classified Personnel

Classified personnel shall meet the eligibility requirements of the ADHE. The administrator under whom the classified person will work shall interview the prospective applicants and make recommendations to his/her VP for final approval.

Evaluation of Classfied Personnel

An evaluation of the work performance of each classified employee shall be made by the employee’s immediate supervisor. The evaluation shall be made in writing on a standard evaluation form and shall include an examination of personnel relationships, job competency, and performance of assigned tasks and work. The supervisor shall discuss the evaluation with the employee and shall state to the employee the criteria used in the evaluation.

Copies of this evaluation shall be submitted to the employee and to Human Resources office for placement in the employee’s permanent record. This evaluation shall be done at least one month prior to the anniversary date of the employment of the individual.