Human Resources


Staff Recognition and Award Committee

Members of the Staff Recognition Award Committee (Staff Senate) are charged with reviewing award nominations and facilitating the selection of awardees who have made significant contributions to the campus community and who demonstrate commitment to the university's mission and core values. The committee is also responsible for ordering and implementation of awards. Each committee member serves for one year. Committee members are not considered eligible recipients of the Staff Awards of Excellence for the year in which they serve on the committee. Personnel: The Staff Recognition Award Committee is comprised of five staff members representing each university division (Academic Affairs, Finance and Administration, President’s Office, Student Affairs, and University Advancement) and the staff senate president.

Career Service Recognition Payments

Henderson State University non-faculty employees shall become eligible for annual career service recognition payments upon completion of ten (10) or more years of state service in either elected positions or classified or non-classified regular full-time position or positions.

Years of Service Annual Payment

10-14 years: $600
15-19 years: $700
20-24 years: $800
25+ years: $900

Employees become eligible to receive career service recognition payments on their career service credit date. Employees who have received career service payments in previous biennium(s) shall receive payments on their career service credit date or their increase eligibility date, whichever occurs first within the fiscal year. Payments to non-classified employees shall be made on the anniversary of the employee’s latest hire date.

Colleague to Colleague Recognition at HSU - In Reddie Spirit

In Reddie Spirit is open to all HSU employees. It is a two-pronged recognition program.

  1. Peer-to-peer recognition founded on HSU Core Values: Notepad style recognition forms are made available to all HSU employees.
  2. The recognition “giving” employee completes the form and delivers it to HR via email or personally.
  3. HR logs the receipt of the form to include the giver, receiver and direct supervisor. HR distributes copies via email to: The receiving employee and the members of the receiving employee’s supervisory chain. The direct supervisor will review and incorporate the In Reddie Spirit recognitions received into the employee annual performance appraisal.
  4. Supervisor recognition memo or letter founded on HSU Core Values. Supervisor would set a standard of response ranging from a quick email acknowledging the recognition from the coworker to a longer letter following a series of employee individually received recognitions. Has a header of the HSU logo and an “In Reddie Spirit” tag line. Includes a section for “HSU Values shown.”
  5. All such communications will be copied to HR for inclusion into the employee’s HR file.
  6. The direct supervisor will review and incorporate the information or patterns of information into the employee’s performance appraisal.

Additional awards are listed in the Staff Senate section of this website. Please see the Faculty Handbook for faculty awards.