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In the 2010 HSU Strategic Plan, a goal to increase community awareness and involvement by 2012 was established. Reddie to Serve Day is a community based service event which began on  Sept. 11, 2010 and is held once each spring and fall semester.This bi-annual event, organized by the division of External Affairs,  involves primarily students; however, faculty, staff and friends also enjoy participating.     


Reddie to Serve Day focuses on community people that are in need of assistance such as the disabled, senior citizens, single parent homes  and non-profit organizations.  Volunteers do yard work, cleaning, and general labor projects as well as litter pick-up and small maintenance projects.  Each event brings more  students and the community members together realizing the need to assist one another is such an outstanding way.   


April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014 rts

Spring 2014’s Reddie to Serve was a complete success! A total of over 450 volunteers worked together to complete 72 projects on Saturday, April 12th 2014. For the first time in a long time, the weather was perfect as students, faculty, staff, and community volunteers set out to help those in need. From everything we have heard, the volunteers had an amazing time, with some even going to more than one project site! Projects included everything from washing windows, raking and bagging leaves, and painting an entire church and mulching an entire yard. The dedication and service from those involved in helping our disabled, elderly, single parent households, and non-profit organizations here in Arkadelphia is outstanding.


October 5, 2013


OCt 5 2013 RTS

October 5, 2013, was a hot, humid, and rainy day. It was also the date for the Fall 2013 Reddie to Serve event. Luckily, the Reddie spirit was as strong as ever through the giving hearts of HSU student volunteers, faculty, and staff. Over 650 volunteers came together to complete 68 projects, the majority which were home cleanups for the elderly, disabled, and single parent households.










March 2, 2013


With a high of 45 F and a low of 29 F, the freezing temperatures did not stop the Faculty, Staff and Students from serving the Arkadelphia Community.  They bundled up and pushed onward completing a total of 62 projects with 415 participants. There were a variety of jobs from stuffing Easter Eggs for Trinity Temple, spending quality time with the animals at the Humane Society, and helping clean up the property around the new Pregnancy Resource Crisis Center that is opening soon.   








November 3, 2012




On this pleasant fall day, the weather allowed some workers to enjoy wearing shorts and short sleeves to do their projects. Combined with Faculty, Staff and Students there were a total of 500 participants with 85 projects being completed.  









March 10, 2012




Rain may have limited the number and scope of projects, but it did not dampen our REDDIE SPIRIT!!! An influx of thunderstorms during the week and an impending gloomy forecast resulted in the cancellation of numerous lawn projects. However, on March 10, about 275 students, staff, faculty and friends gathered to complete 22 projects. The largest project was stuffing 28,000 plastic eggs for a community-wide Easter celebration sponsored by the Trinity Assembly of God Church.  









October 8, 2011



 More than 500 students, faculty, staff and volunteers completed 55 projects in and around Arkadelphia on Saturday as part of Reddie to Serve Day. The volunteers were treated to breakfast on the Quad and participated in a pep rally before forming work groups and spreading out across the community where they performed yard work, painted and helped with a variety of projects. Many Henderson faculty and staff were among the volunteers.      








February 26, 2011



On February 26, HSU students, faculty, staff, and friends donned their work gloves once again for the second Reddie to Serve Day. Volunteers started the morning off with breakfast and a pep rally in the Day Gym. After receiving their assignments, they spread out across the community to pick up trash along the streets and do yard work at several locations. Some of the volunteers helped clean at the Humane Society of Clark County, while others walked the dogs and brushed the cats. In all, the volunteers completed more than 25 projects.      








September 11, 2010

 Reddie to Serve Fall 10  


Henderson State University faculty, staff and students proved themselves "Reddie" to Serve the community on September 11th by helping citizens clean up and improve their properties. 

Volunteers were available to paint, mow, rake, pick up trash and perform other small maintenance projects during Henderson's first Reddie to Serve Day.

Dr. Lewis Shepherd, Vice President for Student and External Affairs at Henderson, said the effort is part of the long-range plan for the university to become "intricately involved in every aspect of the community which we serve." 

"We live in a great community and it is the responsibility of all residents to make certain that its appearance is reflective on the quality of our citizenry, "Shepherd said. "Reddie to Serve is Henderson's way of saying we understand the importance of  what a well-groomed city means to the recruitment of industry, attracting students to our universities, and the overall esthetics  that exhibit pride in a environment."

For additional information and photos on Reddie to Serve, visit Facebook, Twitter and Flicker.



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