Sturgis Hall: The Honors Dorm

"...all experience is an arch wherethrough Gleams that untravelled world...." --Tennyson

front door

Front Entrance: Sturgis Hall, home of the Honors college. 

main lobby

In the main lobby, checking out Arete' magazine. 

A quiet hallway...usually. 


"This bookcase has to fit--I measured twice!" 

Pondering a paper in the Sturgis computer room. 

computer lab
empty room

An empty living room? Everyone must be in class. 

 After classes, taking a TV break.

sturgis tv
sturgis bed

A made bed? Can this be a dorm room? 

Sturgis Hall: the south lawn, just waiting for a picnic. 

south lawn

In the Sturgis conference room, discussing Arete' magazine. 

Dr. Thomson, Honors Director, says, "Good answer!" 

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