Undergraduate Admissions

Freshman applicants must have an ACT Composite score of 20 or higher or SAT equivalent for unconditional admission.

Students who have an ACT Composite score of 16, 17, 18 or 19 will be conditionally admitted and will be required to participate in the Reddie Intervention for Success in Education (R.I.S.E.) Program through the HSU Academic Advising Center. Henderson does not accept recalculated ACT composite scores for admission. 

Note: Newly admitted students may only enter the conditional program during fall semester. Spring admits who do not qualify for unconditional admission will be required to wait until fall to start classes.

Final transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions Office before registration. For more information, call 1-800-228-7333 or 870-230-5028, or email

Along with your application, you should submit the following:

  • ACT scores from the American College Testing Service or SAT scores from College Board accepted. Students over age 21 who have not attended high school for three years and have not previously taken the ACT or SAT exam, must take the ACT Residual Test, which is offered at Henderson’s Testing Center.
  • An official high school transcript, GED certificate or home-schooled transcript
  • Certification of immunization

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