Teachers College

The STEM Center

The STEM Center at Henderson State University supports Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in Arkansas in the p-20 learning environment by providing research and standards-based professional development, program assistance, and access to materials. We help build a collaborative community of educators who provide quality, student-focused instruction with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving, preparing every student for college, career, and community engagement.

Some of our activities include but are not limited to:

Teaching Preservice teacher courses.

Developing and Implementing the Reddie Virtual STEAM academy with grades 4-8. (Platform for teaching and engaging students online.)

Providing STEM Learning Experiences that include a Pre-visit Assessment, Experience on Campus, and Post-Visit Assessment.

Support for online learning for both k-12 and university faculty.

Conferences for k-12 students. 

Learn more at the STEM Center site.

The STEM Center is located on the first floor of the Education Center room 113.