Teachers College

Teacher Education Program

Admissions and Clinical Experiences

Teachers College believes it is crucial that all program candidates be provided with structured, but varied, experiences in public schools to be effectively prepared for the teaching profession. We strive to provide all candidates with opportunities to work in environments that respect and promote cultural diversity. Here, we will provide potential and admitted teacher education candidates with details regarding admission requirements, public school placement criteria and information, and internship requirements.

The Office of Admissions and Clinical Experiences within the Teachers College:

  • Facilitates candidate progression through the Teacher Education Program from admission to graduation and licensure.
  • Coordinates all program practica, admissions, retention, and teacher intern administrative services for Teacher Education Program candidates.
  • Provides advisement regarding program requirements to both candidates and faculty. 
  • Serves as liaison agent to public schools in the region.


Ms. Amanda Jones, Director
Rene Loy, Administrative Assistant