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Program Effectiveness Data

Accreditation Status

Teachers College, Henderson educator preparation programs are accredited by CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation) for a period of 7 years beginning Fall 2018.

This accreditation includes the following initial licensure programs: Art, Biology, Computer Science/Business Technology, Elementary, English, Family and Consumer Science, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Middle School, Music (instrumental and vocal), Physics, Social Studies, Special Education, and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT General Education and Special Education).

Further, this accreditation includes all advanced licensure programs at the graduate level: Building Level Leadership, District Level Leadership, Curriculum Leadership, School Counseling, and Special Education.

More information regarding the accreditation status can be found here.

CAEP Accountability Measures

Measure 1: Completer Effectiveness
Measure 2: Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement
Measure 3: Candidate Competency at completion
Measure 4: Ability of completers to be hired

Statewide EPPQR

The Education Preparation Provider Quality Reports (EPPQR) provide statistical data on Arkansas EPPs in an effort to support continuous improvement and professional growth. Collaboration between Arkansas EPPs, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and the Professional Licensure and Standards Board (PLSB) demonstrates the ongoing support and promotion of teacher preparation programs across the state. The link below includes report data for the last several years.

Statewide Education Preparation Provider Quality Reports (EPPQR)

Arkansas Right to Read Act

Act 1063 of 2017, the Right to Read Act, states: “Beginning no later than the 2022-2023 school year, each state-approved educator preparation program shall post on its website information describing its program to prepare teachers to teach reading using scientific reading instruction aligned with but not limited to the content measured by the stand-alone reading assessment adopted by the State Board of Education under § 6-17-402.”

Candidates enrolled in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-12 programs must complete coursework and pass the Foundations of Reading test to be considered proficient in scientific reading instruction to obtain a license.

Candidates enrolled in all other licensure area programs must complete the coursework to be considered awareness level in scientific reading instruction to obtain a license.

In 2019, the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education approved Henderson State University's pathways to meet this requirement. The pathways are aligned to the appropriateFoundations of Reading Competencies – Proficiency Level  or Foundations of Reading Competencies – Awareness Level.

DESE – Approved Course/Modules lists approved courses/modules for all approved licensure programs in Arkansas.

Henderson State University Title II Reports