Family and Consumer Sciences

Hospitality Food Service

Are you interested in working in management positions in food service facilities at resorts, hospitals, restaurants or anywhere food is served? The Hospitality Food Service specialization is for you. This specialization is designed to prepare students for management careers in the hospitality industry and related fields.

The Hospitality Food Service specialization at Henderson State University will provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience you need to work and manage facilities in the food service industry. Distinctive features of our program include:

  • Innovative Courses: Our curriculum provides students with a balanced understanding of the interdependence of human nutrition and food in the health and behavior of individuals, as well as a general foundation in food service systems management, through course topics including: experimental food science, foods, meal management, nutrition, life cycle nutrition and contemporary issues in nutrition. The curriculum enables students to develop their managerial, functional, operational and analytical capabilities to maximize success in the hospitality food service industry. One component of the curriculum that contributes to professional development is a directed field experience. This experience offers students valuable hands-on experience to further prepare them for a career in the industry.

  • Expert Faculty: Our professors care deeply about the success of their students, both in the classroom and in the future. They have cultivated a rigorous applied learning environment, including opportunities for laboratory experimentation and field experiences. They provide their students with individual attention, mentoring and professional connections.

  • Competitive Degrees: Graduates from our program are fully prepared with a sound background and can seek employment in a number of hospitality food service careers. Food service is a growing industry, due to an increase in population and an increased desire to eat out. Graduates of this specialization will be prepared to work in management positions and other areas of the hospitality food service industry.