Curriculum and Instruction

Elementary Education K-6

If you love seeing that spark of curiosity in the eyes of children as they learn about the world around them, a degree in Elementary Education may be the perfect fit for you.

This program will prepare you to teach Kindergarten through 6th Grade students in a classroom setting. You will gain real-word experience, while learning about child growth and development, creative teaching materials and technology, and content-related strategies. As an elementary teacher, you will be one of the first major influences in a young child's life.

You can also complete your Elementary Education degree in Hot Springs. Junior- and senior-level classes for this degree are available as evening classes. 


Dr. TaLisha Givan,  Chair

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Education Building, Office 247
Teachers College, Henderson
1100 Henderson Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001