Mission and Policies

Huie VirtualRef Policy

What is Huie VirtualRef?

Huie VirtualRef, an extension of traditional library reference service, is a Chat Reference service, which allows patrons to quickly and conveniently ask questions of librarians and other reference staff. This service is provided for Henderson State University students, faculty, and staff. Students enrolled in Henderson's off-campus or online courses are encouraged to use VirtualRef. Other users are welcome to use the service for questions that deal specifically with the university or the library and its collections. For more information on using this service, please see our Huie VirtualRef page.

Types of assistance provided.

In general, questions should be shorter, fact-based questions including, but not limited to:

    • Starting points for research
    • Phone numbers
    • Definitions

We do NOT answer questions involving:

    • Answers for class assignments
    • Verification of incomplete citations
    • Requests for legal, medical, financial, or tax advice (will make referrals to appropriate database)
    • Requests for genealogy or family history research (will make referral to appropriate database).

For more in-depth inquiries, consultation with a librarian via email, phone, or in-person may be suggested.

Huie VirtualRef sessions may be interrupted when a library patron needs help at the Reference desk.

Huie VirtualRef sessions may be terminated for the use of inappropriate or rude language, harassment of any kind, or inappropriate use of the service.


In general, Huie VirtualRef will be available half an hour after the library opens until half an hour before the library closes. In addition, Huie VirtualRef will not be available on Saturdays. Check our Huie VirtualRef Chat Hours page for up-to-date hours.


Interactions between patron and library staff are confidential and will be shared only with other library staff in order to enhance service. Overall usage statistics will be gathered and may be used in library reports or publications. Information about specific individuals (including names, IP or email addresses, phone number, etc.) will not be retained. An exception to the above will be made in cases of inappropriate or dangerous behavior, such as threatening or harassing library staff or others, in which case information will be shared with library administration and/or law enforcement officials.


Adopted: 04/15/2012
Updated: 10/08/2012
Last Reviewed: 10/08/2012