Faculty Works


Our students and faculty members keep busy with a variety of scholarly activities. Here are some recent examples of our faculty members' accomplishments from this decade. This is NOT an all-inclusive list. These are just examples because otherwise some of these lists would be impractically long.

Professional Organization Recognition

Dr. Aneeq Ahmad served as President and Past-President of the Southwestern Psychological Association. He was the Distinguished Foreign Speaker at the International Conference on Health and Wellbeing held at Lahore College for Women University in Pakistan.

Dr. Travis Langley was a keynote speaker at the American Psychological Association's annual meeting (2021). 

Dr. Paul Williamson received the Distinguished Service Award from the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (American Psychological Association Division 36).

Examples of Books Authored

Langley, T. (2022). Batman and psychology: A dark and stormy knight (2nd ed.). Wiley, Turner Publishing. (ISBN: 978-1684428557)

Williamson, W. P. (2020). Conjectures and controversy in the study of fundamentalism. Brill. (ISBN: 978-9004427747)

Williamson, W. P., & Hood, R. W., Jr. (2016). Psychology and spiritual transformation in a substance abuse program: The Lazarus Project. Lexington. (ISBN: 978-0739193075)

Examples of Journal Articles

Bejarano, R., & Foltz, A. (2013). Function transfer in human operant experiments: The roles of stimulus pairings and covert verbal mediation. Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Bulletin, 29(1), 8-11.

Williamson, W. P., & Ahmad, A. (2019). The Bi-Directional Spirituality Scale: Construction and initial evidence for validity [invited research article]. Spiritual Psychology and Counseling, 4, 7-23. DOI 10.12738/spc.2019.4.1.0057 

Williamson, W. P., Hood, R. W., Jr., & Chen, Z. J. (2019). The God-mysticism Scale: A brief version. Pastoral Psychology, 68, 345–356.

Williamson, W. P., & Silver, C. F. (2021). In the face of adversity: A phenomenological study among Bible-believing Christians. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 31(3), 189-204.

Williamson, W. P., Silver, C. F., & Streib, H. (2021). Introduction to special issue in honor of Ralph W. Hood, Jr. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 31(3), 153-155.

Wittig, S. M. O., & Rodriguez, C. M. (2019). Emerging behavior problems: Bidirectional relations between maternal and paternal parenting styles with infant temperament. Developmental Psychology55(6), 1199-1210.

Wittig, S. M. O., & Rodriguez, C. M. (2019). Interaction between maternal and paternal parenting styles with infant temperament in emerging behavior problems. Infant Behavior & Development57, Article 101323. doi:

Rodriguez, C. M., & Wittig, S. M. O. (2019). Predicting child problem behavior and maternal/paternal parent-child aggression: Identifying early prevention targets. Journal of Applied Developmental, 60, 76-85.    

Rodriguez, C. M., Wittig, S. M. O., & Silvia, P. J. (2020). Refining social-information processing theory: Predicting maternal and paternal parent-child aggression risk longitudinally. Child Abuse & Neglect, 107, Article 104563.

Examples of Chapters

Hood, R. W., Jr., & Williamson, W. P. (2020). An indigenous Appalachian faith tradition. In A. Dueck (Ed.), Indigenous psychology of spirituality: In my beginning is my end. Palgrave Macmillon.

Langley, R. M. (2018). Mother superior, feeling inferior: Post-partum depression and the mother he didn't know. In T. Langley, (Ed.), Daredevil psychology: The devil you know (pp. 125-137). Sterling.

Madrid, M., & Langley, R. M. (2017). A mother's magic: Parenting issues in paradise. In T. Langley & M. Wood (Eds.), Wonder Woman psychology: Lassoing the truth (pp. 125-137). Sterling.


Langley, T. (2015-2020). Popular Culture Psychology series (12 books). Sterling Publishing.

Williamson, W. P., Silver, C. F., & Streib, H. (Eds.). (2021). Special issue in honor of Ralph W. Hood, Jr. [Special issue]. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 31(3), 153-224.

Examples of Presentations

Ahmad, A., Williamson, W. P., & Hassan, S. (2018, January). Bi-Directional Spirituality Scale: Validity, reliability, and cross-cultural comparisons. International Conference on Gender, Religion, & Culture: Issues, Challenges, & Prospects, Lahore, Pakistan.

Langley, R. M. (2019, November). Using the filter of fiction to enhance rapport and client self-disclosures in therapeutic relationships. Arkansas Counseling Assocciation, Hot Springs, AR.

Langley, T. (2021, August). Beyond Batman: How stories teach psychology and facilitate therapeutic dialogue [keynote address]. American Psychological Association. Virtual.

Roberts, K., & Bejarano, R. (2020, April). Increasing the efficiency of college instruction through the recombination of minimal units of information: A preliminary investigation. Henderson Research Symposium, Hendersson State University, Arkadelphia, AR.

Rodriguez, C. M., Silvia, P. J., & Wittig, S. M. O. (2018, September). Using theory to predict maternal and paternal physical parent-child aggression risk longitudinally. International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, Prague, Czech Republic.

Rodriguez, C. M., & Wittig, S. M. O. (2018, July). Predicting maternal and paternal parent-child aggression: Identifying potential early targets. Paper presented in C.M. Rodriguez (Chair), Parent-child physical aggression: Predictors, effects, and interventions. Symposium conducted at the World Meeting of the International Society for Research on Aggression, Paris, France.

Wittig, S. M. O. (2018, January). “Write, cite, double-check”: Guiding students through the challenges of APA style. National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, St. Pete Beach, FL.

Ongoing Online Activities

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