Ellis College of Arts and Sciences

Museum Studies

Preparing students for employment in a variety of public humanities fields, the Museum Studies program offers students the opportunity to earn a minor, certificate, or complete an emphasis area as part of a Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree. Designed to give students a broad background in numerous subjects, the program produces graduates prepared to hold positions in museums, state and national parks, art galleries, and other organizations. 

All students in the program complete INT 2013 Introduction to Museum Studies and INT 4013 Museum Exhibit Production. Students completing the certificate take two additional elective courses while students earning the minor take four electives. Elective coursework includes courses in history, art, anthropology, physical science, communication, recreation, and other fields. Completing the requirements for the minor leads to the completion of the certificate. 

Museum Studies Certificate Plan of Study

For more information, please contact the director of the program.

Dr. David Sesser
Henderson State University
1100 Henderson St.
Box 7541
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001