Master of Liberal Arts

Student Feedback

Graduates praise the HSU MLA program for promoting good citizenship, democratic principles, inclusive thinking, and intellectual fortitude.

  • "All humanity must come to grips with things like death, injustice, and fear. Since we are all connected through our common struggle against such enemies, we are never truly alone... The MLA program gave me a slice of the grand perspective, my place within it, and the peace that comes with knowing one's position. I am very grateful to the program and the program instructors for these gifts."
    — G., May 2019 graduate.
  • "I firmly believe that my time in the MLA program...  allowed me to have a greater appreciation for the legacy of civilization that my generation has inherited, whether through history, literature, or philosophy. The school’s mission of creating intelligent, civic-minded students that can analyze situations critically without a doubt helped shape me into the capable adult I am today... a more intelligent, confident, compassionate, and capable human being because of my time at Henderson State University."
    — W., December 2020 graduate.

Graduates praise the HSU MLA program for how its study tracks can respond to specific needs and interests.

  • "I was able to combine Art History courses and English courses that gave me the background and knowledge that I needed to be an effective educator. Even more specifically, I was able to narrow down my studies to include my two main interests, Women in Art History and Children’s Literature and Illustration. I needed the opportunity to earn my master’s degree in a well rounded environment, with highly effective professors, and I am extremely grateful that came to fruition through the MLA program."
    — S.
  • "The MLA program is robust and offers many routes of study that allow students to engage with the liberal arts in a way that suits their individual strengths and learning styles."
    — W., December 2020 graduate.

Graduates also thank the HSU MLA program for helping them succeed in their careers and further study:

  • "Completing this degree opened up the opportunity to teach Visual Art and Art History at the college level for many years, as well as at the K-12 level for a few years, with the compensation at the master's degree level. With the thesis/project portion under my belt... I had the confidence to continue my postgraduate education. I chose to pursue an MFA after my MLA; however, I felt very equipped to dive into a PhD program had I chosen to do so."
    — S.
  • "Earning this degree has afforded me a number of valuable opportunities: I now teach composition and literature classes at night at Northwest Arkansas Community College in addition to the Advanced Placement literature classes I teach at Siloam Springs High School during the day. I also teach a writing course for the police officers, first responders, and firefighters in Benton and Washington County. For the last two years, I have been a part-time consultant for the Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, a company that works with the Arkansas Department of Education to serve the Advanced Placement teachers in Arkansas' public schools. None of these opportunities would have been afforded to me without my MLA."
    — H., August 2018 graduate.
  • "I currently teach young people to analyze and use language — AP Language, Honors English, psychology, creative writing — at Centerpoint High School. I can lead them through critical thinking that challenges their worldview, because the MLA program constantly challenged me to think critically."
    — J., May 2020 graduate.
  • [An] "important thing my MLA experience taught me was time management. I ended up taking a lot of different electives during my graduate degree, which meant that I was working on a multitude of things at any given time… I became a chronic list maker and note taker, two traits that followed me into the professional world."
    — Z., December 2019 graduate.