Communication and Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts

The theatre program, which offers both the major and minor, is fully committed to providing the finest practical and theoretical education for the performer, the artist, the educator, and the audience member within the parameters of a liberal arts education. We believe that theatre and dance training is inextricably connected to the laboratory experience of live performance as well as in the academic classroom. In a program stressing individual initiative and responsibility, students explore the literature of the theatre while learning performance skills through practical stagecraft.

In addition to their participation in the co-curricular theatre productions on campus, theatre students are encouraged to work during the summers in internships with theatre companies across the United States in technical, stage management, and acting areas. Approximately one half of majors have done so during the last four years. Theatre students routinely travel to regional and national conferences for workshops and competitions led by seasoned theatre professionals.

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Dr. Claudia A. Beach
Director of Theatre