Communication, Theatre Arts and Innovative Media

Innovative Media

Earn a Bachelor of Arts or a minor in Innovative Media.

Both are excellent opportunities to explore new ideas in unconventional ways. We rethink learning and teaching to offer a unique educational experience that reflects the dynamic climate of modern technology. Innovative Media offers performance-based scholarships, as well as paid work study positions within the department.

A background in Innovative Media (IM) will help you prepare to reinvent the world in great ways. Choose the freedom and flexibility of a customizable degree to get the most out of your skills and ideas. 

IM is an incubator for new ideas and products and rich media. The program focuses on interdisciplinary team-building in a well-equipped, project-oriented experiential-learning environment designed to foster entrepreneurial skills while embracing the richness of a liberal arts core.

The program integrates courses in design, mass media, marketing, digital technology, gaming and other fields like aviation. Work real-world challenges, develop UI/UX design, design VR/AR/MR experiences, produce drone-based content, create new media products like online stores, explore the cutting edge of new media technology – build a portfolio that help you thrive in an environment of change. Senior-level nternships also help you build relationships with new media and other industries before graduation.

Learn by doing. Create the next great thing. Innovate with us.

With a degree in Innovative Media, you could become:

• A Drone Videographer

• An App Builder

• An Online Journalist

• A Game Developer

• A Virtual Production Artist

• A Zine Publisher

• A Media Team Manager

• A New Media Filmmaker

• A Motion Graphics Designer

• An Entrepreneur


David Stoddard
Director of Innovative Media
Professor of Art, Media and Graphic Design
Phone: 870-230-5020
HSU Box: 7792
Office Location: Russell Fine Arts 151 & Ramsauer House

Michael Taylor
Professor and Department Chair
Communication, Theatre Arts and Innovative Media
Phone: 870-230-5182
HSU Box: 7502
Office Location: Arkansas Hall 214

Scott McKinnon
Instructor of Innovative Media
Phone: 870-230-5536
HSU Box: 7760
Office Location: Ramsauer House

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