Art Education

A degree in Art Education from Henderson State University places you in the center of a program that provides diverse hands-on learning, including both traditional and contemporary media. Students in the Art Education program are trained to follow the National Art Education Association Standards and the Arkansas Visual Arts Curriculum Frameworks. Our program is certified by the Arkansas Department of Education. The Bachelor of Science in Education studio program includes 49 hours in art and 17 hours in education. Upper-level elective choices give students the opportunity to develop their skills in at least one studio area. BSE studio candidates are active members of the Arkansas Art Education Association and National Art Education Association. BSE candidates work with the community through K-12 Artlab and the Summer Teacher Intensive Studio Classes offered to Art Educators. Each graduate receives a K-12 Art Certification to teach in the state of Arkansas.

Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with an emphasis in Graphic Design, teaches cutting-edge design techniques for print and digital media. Students are given the tools they need to take their creative ideas to a professional level. The BFA Graphic Design program includes 78 major credit hours along with 45 hours of the Liberal Arts Core. Courses include:

  • Digital image
  • Motion graphics
  • Digital page
  • 3D modeling
  • Concept and layout
  • Interactive design
  • Illustration

Studio Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Studio degree combines intensive and innovative studio art practice with an outstanding education in the liberal arts. Our highly motivated students are committed to pursuing professional careers in the arts. The BFA Studio program includes 78 major credit hours along with 45 hours of the Liberal Arts Core. Students receive training in studio techniques and post-studio practice, an overview of historical and contemporary artists and movements, and an introduction to criticism.To empower these careers, the program offers instruction in eight areas of study:

  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Ceramics
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Digital art
  • Art history