The Annex Press

The Annex Press at Henderson State University is a unique printmaking opportunity done on campus in collaboration with visiting artist.

What You Should Know

  • Established spring of 2009  

  • The press prints works by collaborating with regional, national, and international artists  

  • Henderson State visual arts students assist in the creation of the prints by working alongside the visiting artists  

  • Artists who have printed in the Annex include John Himmelfarb (Chicago, Illinois), Gary Simmons (HSU), Eva Kwong (Kent State University, Ohio), Jonathan Brilliant (Columbia, South Carolina), Dominque Simmons (Little Rock, Arkansas), Melissa Gill (Hendrix College), and Warren Criswell (Benton, Arkansas)

  • The Annex Press is building a reputation for producing quality fine art prints on the rare collection of lithography stones housed in our press

  • As the collection grows, selected prints will be sold to help generate funds to purchase supplies


David Warren