Strategic Plan

Core Values

Academic Excellence

We promote academic excellence and celebrate scholarly achievement. We produce intellectually well-rounded graduates through rigorous and relevant programs.

Collaboration and Community

We value collaboration, recognizing that each person is an important part of a larger picture.  Working together for a sustainable future, every individual contributes to the whole, whether in our university, our local community, or our world.

Human Value and Difference 

We celebrate every human being and, embracing our differences, strive together to prepare students to become responsible citizens in a diverse, global, and knowledge-based society.  We value an inclusive community where all individuals can explore, discover, and develop their unique abilities and interests.


We cultivate a climate of academic, personal, and professional integrity by holding ourselves and each other to the highest ethical standards in all we say and do.

Liberal Arts

We value the transformative power of liberal arts education to develop in each student critical and creative skills including problem solving, analytical thinking, and effective communication that will lead to successful careers, fulfilling lives, and lifelong learning.

Students and Student Success

We place students at the center of all we do; they are the reason we are here.  Decisions made about programs, policies, and practices are based upon what is best for students and their success.

Tradition and Innovation

We are committed to balancing innovation with tradition.  The inspiration of our alumni challenges each student to persist and excel in the spirit that all things are possible.