Testing Center

Major Field Test (MFT)

The Major Field Test (MFT) is a computerized, multiple-choice test divided into two, one-hour sessions. The test requires approximately two and a half hours to complete. Each test contains question that elicit concrete information as well as questions that require interpretation of graphs, diagrams, and charts based on material closely related to the field. 

As a major part of HSU's outcomes assessment program, the MFT is administered to all graduating seniors with a major in business, psychology and biology. The MFT is designed to assess mastery of concepts, principles, and knowledge typically expected of students upon completion of an undergraduate degree in these areas.  Major Field Tests help educators assess the effectiveness of their program and evaluate student performance so they can improve curricula and student learning outcomes.

Students can learn more about this exam at https://www.ets.org/mft.

Admission and Fees

Candidates for the test pay a fee of $40 at the Business Office and retain the receipt. The receipt and Photo ID are used as admission on exam day.


Online testing scores are reported immediately after testing. Total scores for the ETS® Major Field Tests are reported on a scale of 120–200, except for the MBA test, which has a scale of 220–300, and the Associate Business Degree test, which has a score scale of 520–600. Students should attempt to answer every question, since there are no penalties for guessing. Students receive a score report regardless of how many questions they have answered. For group reports, however, scores are counted only for students who answer 50 percent or more of the questions on the exam. You can receive scores from groups as small as five students, but you should be careful in interpreting results of such a small sample size.