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Kaltura Video Capture System

Kaltura Video Capture System

Kaltura is a video and audio capture system designed to work alone or from within Canvas. Videos are captured and uploaded to an online gallery for publishing and embedding. Below are several links to tutorials on the different features offered with the Kaltura system. For more information regarding the Kaltura system and Kaltura training, please contact Kris Keys Instructional Designer at

Fast Track to Recording with Kaltura

Here you can watch an introductory video that walks through the steps of setting up Kaltura Capture, navigating the Kaltura environments, adding media, and how to publish or embed that media into Canvas.

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Kaltura Personal Capture System

The Kaltura Personal Capture allows users to record picture-in-picture video from two different video inputs. Those inputs can be two monitor screens, specific sections of a screen, or a webcam. It also comes with a virtual whiteboard with various writing tools and a couple of different mouse pointers.

  • Installing Personal Capture - To use the Personal Capture feature, users will need to download a program onto the computer.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To maintain a clean workstation please do not change the default local file save location when installing the Capture program.
  • Using Personal Capture and Uploading Videos - Learn to use the Personal Capture feature and how to upload recordings into your "My Media" space.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited space and large file sizes of the videos please choose the "Delete already uploaded files". This option is found on the upload screen of the Capture Manager.

Editing Videos, Adding Quizzes, and Interactive Video Paths

Here you can learn how to edit uploaded videos and add quizzes that require viewers to respond to questions or prompts in order to continue the video's playback. You can also learn how to add Interactive Video Paths that take viewers to other videos or corresponding files to further enhance the learner's experience.

Kaltura Learning

Take a deeper dive into the various Kaltura features. Learn about the Kaltura Learning library along with the different media pages and their functions.

  • Navigating the Kaltura Learning Resources - This video link shows how to navigate the Kaltura Learning site. If you want to take a deeper dive, you can follow the links below or visit the whole learning library at
  • Kaltura My Media - Learn the layout and features of the "My Media" page. My Media is where you can add, upload, and record new videos that only you can see.
  • Kaltura Media Gallery - Learn the layout and features of the "Media Gallery" page. Media Gallery is where you can publish uploaded videos that users can then view. Videos published to specific Canvas courses or MediaSpace galleries are viewable by all users that have access to that course or gallery space.
  • Kaltura Express Capture - Learn to use the Kaltura Express Capture feature. This feature does not require any downloads and works through your browser. This feature only uses the webcam and has no screen recording option.
  • Add Kaltura Videos to Canvas - Learn how to embed videos within Canvas.

Kaltura Zoom Traning Sessions

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