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3CX Campus Phone System

3CX Telephone system replaced ShoreTel - July, 2020

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Tutorial on using the handset

Tutorial on using web and mobile clients

This new system will provide exciting new features.

The new system is very intuitive. If you are interested in advanced features of the system please view the user guide by clicking here or contacting the HelpDesk.

To ensure the least interruption to the University, the change to the new system took place over a weekend in July 2020. All configurations such as call forwarding can be done remotely; they do not have to be done on campus.

The new phone system brings an 80% Reduction in cost over the previous system. This is a result of the migration to the new system and to SIP telephone lines.
New Features

Modern Web Client - A web-based client you can access remotely from home. This allows easier ways to work from home.

3CX Apps - Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone provides access to your phone from anywhere you have internet access.

3CX WebMeeting Set up and host webinars with 3CX WebMeeting in minutes. 3CX WebMeeting provides clientless web conferencing and collaboration solutions. In just a few mouse clicks, you can arrange and present from your computer while seamlessly bringing in joint speakers.

If you have questions about the new 3CX phone system, please contact the HelpDesk: