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Regulation and Procedures for Adjunct Faculty

This contract takes precedence over any agreement or contracts made prior to this date and may be terminated at any time for adequate cause including, but not limited to, admission and/or conviction of a felonious act, moral turpitude, professional incompetence, unprofessional conduct, unauthorized use or abuse of university property, insubordination, excessive absenteeism, theft, physical/mental disability that prevents the performance of required activities, or the neglect of professional obligations.

All Adjunct Faculty appointments are subject to sufficient enrollment to justify economical operation of the class.  This is normally determined at the time of registration.

All new Adjunct Faculty must complete new-hire paperwork with Human Resources.  All returning Adjunct Faculty needing to make changes to tax withholding forms, direct deposit or mailing addresses must contact Human Resources at 870-230-5108 or   

Prior approval of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration is required of persons employed concurrently by Henderson State University and another state university or agency.

resume and official transcript(s) must be submitted to the University at the time of initial employment.  Please send to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, HSU Box 7530, Arkadelphia, AR  71999.

Adjunct Faculty teaches 9 or fewer semester credit hours per term.

Adjunct Faculty is non-tenure track and is not eligible for tenure.

Adjunct Faculty will receive only those benefits required by state or federal law.

Adjunct Faculty moving into full-time faculty positions, benefits will be initiated at the beginning of the semester which is considered the initial term of the full time position.  

Travel reimbursement may be allowed for part-time faculty employed to teach an off-campus class.  Travel must be approved in advance on a Travel Authorization form and requires that travel be undertaken from the home station to class location, if they differ.  TR-1 forms showing actual travel are completed at the end of each month and submitted by the faculty member to the appropriate administrative office.

Adjunct Faculty will be paid in four payments.  Payroll dates are the last working day of each month, February through May for spring semester instructors and September through December for fall semester instructors.