Heart of Henderson Day of Giving set for March 14

Henderson State University has set a goal of $40,000 for its Heart of Henderson Day of Giving on March 14. Supporters of the university can visit hsu.edu/dayofgiving or call (870) 230-5347 on this day to help Henderson fund several projects selected by students, faculty and staff.

“As we continue the work of moving Henderson forward, we are asking for your help,” said Henderson Chancellor Dr. Trey Berry. “We also realize that good progress happens when we work together toward a common goal.”

The six funds selected for support include:

Reddie Scholarship Fund

Donations provide scholarship support to students with economic needs and who are meeting satisfactory academic progress. Applications are reviewed year-round.

Instructional Technology

Provides state of the art instructional equipment and technology, and updates technology for computer sciences, engineering, music, and other academic areas.

Henderson Fund

Provides for the general operational needs of the university, including facilities and infrastructure projects, and enhancing campus life and the educational experience.

Arts and Humanities

Supports students and faculty in the arts and humanities with travel expenses, equipment needs, and the broadcasting, recording, and archival of recitals and concerts.

Future Teachers

Supports the next generation of Reddie educators through scholarships. Teacher education remains one of the top areas chosen by students attending Henderson.

Business Annual Fund

Provides opportunities for students to experience Business Beyond the Classroom, and gives access to Career Academy for students to earn industry credentials from Google, IBM, and Meta.

“We invite you to join us in supporting one of these campaigns, or an area of your choosing,” Berry said. “We will continue to build on the excellence, spirit, and tradition that has defined Henderson as The School with a Heart for decades.”

For information about Heart of Henderson Day of Giving, please visit hsu.edu/dayofgiving or call (870) 230-5347.