Glover urges his students to learn as much as they can, then learn more

Paul Glover

Please briefly introduce yourself and your background in digital media.

My name is Paul Glover and I am associate professor of Digital Media Production. I'm from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and graduated from the University of Alabama in 2001. I have always been a huge fan of radio, albums, cassettes, 8-tracks, movies, and TV. I started doing audio work for live bands around 1992 and actually got to be a roadie for a B.B. King concert. I moved to Texas and attended Angelo State University where I graduated with an MA in Communication Management Systems. I have been teaching at Henderson since 2005. Since then, I also completed an MFA in Digital Filmmaking from UCA. I have made several documentaries accepted into film festivals including the award-winning "The Man from Boggy Creek," which I collaborated on with my colleague, Scott McKinnon.

What are some current trends or developments in your field that students should be aware of?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is obviously a buzzword that scares or excites people. I think students should be aware of it and how to use it even in basic forms such as phone apps. In our department, we are testing it on our photos and video. Keeping up with Adobe software is important because we use it a great deal, and even those programs have some A.I. functions widely available to the public.

Building and using 3-D environments using software such as Unreal Engine is another area that is rapidly gaining popularity, and we have created content for several projects using it.

In the broadcast area, our students graduate possessing all the skills to quickly become a producer at any television or streaming content company.

What advice would you give to students aspiring to major in digital media production?

Learn the software as much as you can, and then learn more. This adds to your tool belt, and when you are asked to create digital content, you will need the right tool for the right platform. Learn to write well because that comes in handy if you must enter data or code.

Learn the hardware. Cameras to tripods to drones and everything in between. Get certifications when possible.

Build your portfolio and online presence. It is not just for freelancers. Companies looking to hire will look at this as well. Be a good, friendly communicator and learn from the experienced. Take business or marketing classes to enhance your resume for other avenues of employment.

Why should a student choose Henderson State to pursue his or her digital media production degree?

We have opportunities and access to the latest technology similar to other, larger colleges in the state. With the skills you learn and the degree you can earn in Digital Media Production, you can just about move anywhere or stay close to home and find fulfilling work.

Can you please share a brief success story related to your experiences at Henderson?

There are so many, but we did beat the University of Texas in podcasting at the College Media Awards. We have defeated several Division 1 schools in our years entering national and state contests. That builds confidence and always looks nice on a resume.

I have had two documentaries in the Hot Springs Film Festival, and my latest one with Scott McKinnon will be screened at the Ron Robinson theatre this month.

Through several documentary shoots for various projects, several students and I are now listed on the Internet Movie Database ( . The success story here is that you can come to Henderson to live on campus and take classes, and you can graduate with a resume that boasts a great GPA, an award-winning project, a conference paper, directing a public or streaming event, or even your name on everyone's favorite movie website.

What strategies/technology do you use to engage students in your classes?

The first class I ever taught was public speaking which I still teach currently (oral communication). I learned then that you are also teaching confidence when presenting new material and techniques to students. I use projects in video classes, speeches in oral communication classes, research papers in writing and communication courses, and other larger assignments in addition to textbooks and quizzes. This allows the students to put the material, no matter what it is, into application and see how it connects them to the job field.

How can students make the most of their college experience at Henderson?

Get involved with organizations, along with staying connected with your classes every day. Also, be on the lookout for scholarships and grants.