Questions about the MLA

A Few Questions Asked . . .

Q: "How will some of the classes be offered for the M.L.A.?"

A: While some will be full-time students, we assume that many of you will pursue this degree on a part-time basis, often at the same time that many of you are employed full-time. Thus, we make every effort to offer a flexible approach to M.L.A. coursework. For instance, we schedule the overview classes, LA 6103 and 6203: Truth, Order and Beauty, for Thursday evenings, 5-8 p.m., during the fall and spring semesters. Thirty-seven applicable courses toward the M.L.A. were available in Fall 2010, featuring a wide range of daytime and evening sections, and applicable coursework will be available year-round in all major and minor areas. Henderson offers year-round admission, as well. In short, the M.L.A. is designed to allow you the flexibility to obtain a degree while continuing to meet the demands of an adult life.

Q: "How quickly could I complete this degree?"

A: If you are a part-time student (6-hour load), you should be able to complete the program in six semesters while full-time students could possibly complete the M.L.A. requirements in three full-time (12-hour load) semesters. A maximum of six credit hours per semester is recommended for those who are employed. Actually, the length of time you take to complete the program depends on your schedule. Typically, you may need two to three years to complete the master's degree with a regular course load consisting of two three-hour courses per semester.

Q: "Who will teach the M.L.A. classes?"

A: All M.L.A. courses are taught by Ellis College of Arts and Sciences graduate faculty.

Q: "How will I get the advice I need as an M.L.A. graduate student?"

A: Following your official admission to the program, the M.L.A. director will become your advisor to guide you through the process of making decisions regarding such matters as major and minor concentrations, course selection, project development, and degree planning.

Q: "Who could benefit from such a graduate degree option?"

A: We expect the M.L.A. program to attract people with a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds. Some of our applicants' career goals have included magazine journalism, art history, college teaching, politics, and communication consulting. Other applicants are already engaged in careers or have retired from successful careers. Overall, the M.L.A. appeals to any life-long learner.

Q: "What about financial aid to go back to school?"

A: Graduate assistantship information is available from the director of the M.L.A. Other financial aid information may be obtained by contacting the Henderson State University Office of Financial Aid at 870.230.5037.

Q: "What should I do if I would like to go back to school?"

A: If you would like an application packet or need more information, please contact

Dr. Clinton Atchley
Director, Master of Liberal Arts
Box 7652
Henderson State University
Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71999


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