General Requirements for the MLA Degree

General Requirements for the Degree

*Four (4) courses are required of all students enrolled in the MLA Program:

LA 6103 Truth, Order, and Beauty: Ancient World to 1600 (3 hours)

LA 6203 Truth, Order and Beauty: 1600 to Present (3 hours)


LA 6543 Liberal Arts Thesis I (3 hours)

LA 6553 Liberal Arts Thesis II (3 hours) 


LA 6503 Liberal Arts Project I (3 hours)

LA 6513 Liberal Arts Project II (3 hours)


*Five (5) to six (6) courses are required to complete a major emphasis in the MLA Program: Emphasis may be completed in either Art History, English literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Rhetoric and Philosophy, Philosophy, or Social Sciences.

*Of these major courses at least one course, three (3) hours, must be designated as interdisciplinary (denoted by an asterisk in the course listings).


*Two (2) to three (3) courses are required to complete a minor and may be chosen from any non-major (6-9 hours)

*Of the minor courses, at least one (1) course, three (3) hours, must be designated as interdisciplinary.

*Of these thirty-six (36) hours, one-half (18 hours) must be taken at the 6000 level.


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