General Requirements for the MLA Degree

General Requirements for the Degree

*Four (4) courses are required of all students enrolled in the MLA Program:

LA 6103 Truth, Order, and Beauty: Ancient World to 1600 (3 hours)

LA 6203 Truth, Order and Beauty: 1600 to Present (3 hours)


LA 6543 Liberal Arts Thesis I (3 hours)

LA 6553 Liberal Arts Thesis II (3 hours) 


LA 6503 Liberal Arts Project I (3 hours)

LA 6513 Liberal Arts Project II (3 hours)


*Five (5) to six (6) courses are required to complete a major emphasis in the MLA Program: Emphasis may be completed in either Art History, English literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Rhetoric and Philosophy, Philosophy, or Social Sciences.

*Of these major courses at least one course, three (3) hours, must be designated as interdisciplinary (denoted by an asterisk in the course listings).


*Two (2) to three (3) courses are required to complete a minor and may be chosen from any non-major (6-9 hours)

*Of the minor courses, at least one (1) course, three (3) hours, must be designated as interdisciplinary.

*Of these thirty-six (36) hours, one-half (18 hours) must be taken at the 6000 level.


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 “The undergraduate education in music that I received from Henderson has changed my life by opening doors for me both educationally and professionally. It prepared me for success by giving me the tools necessary to be a successful music educator. My BME achieved at Henderson afforded me opportunities for success in graduate and post graduate studies as well as professional advancement in addition to allowing my family and me the employment and thus financial security that is so precarious today without such educational opportunities. I am grateful to Henderson State University.”

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