Student Loans

  • Direct Stafford Loans  -for undergraduate and graduate students 
  • Direct Parent PLUS Loans - for Parents of undergraduate students 
  • Direct Graduate PLUS Loans  
  • Direct Loan FAQ’s 
  • Loan Disbursement Dates  
  • Private Educational Loans  
  • Your loan grace period will begin when you drop below half-time status ( 6 hours) or withdraw from HSU. You must complete Loan Exit Counseling at upon graduating, withdrawing from the university or dropping below half-time enrollment.
  • Keep your address, telephone number and name updated at HSU Registrar's Office located in Womack 210B. Our system uses the permanent address on file with the Registrar, please make sure it is up to date.
  • A loan is a debt that must be repaid. Borrow responsibly and live simply. Manage your money carefully and stay within budget while attending school to minimize your debt. Loan funds are for educational related expenses only.
  • There are  annual and lifetime maximums based on your classification and dependency status. You should know how much you owe at all times. If you think you will be attending summer school, do not borrow all your funds for fall and spring.

HSU Code of Conduct  



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 John W. Graves, chair of the social sciences department and professor of history.

Graves received his Ph.D. degree in history from the University of Virginia and his M.A. and B.A. degrees in history from the University of Arkansas.

Graves has an outstanding reputation for research in southern history.

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