New Statistics Major & Minor

The HSU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is very pleased to offer a statistics option within the B.S. degree in mathematics. In an increasingly quantitative world, technology provides the ability to gather huge amounts of data in a variety of settings. Statistics is the area of mathematics devoted to determining methods of creating trustworthy data, analyzing data, and drawing practical information and conclusions from it. Statistical reasoning and methods are increasingly required in a wide variety of endeavors. Medical research absolutely depends on careful design of experiments and interpretation of the complex data that result. Business, industry, and government need statisticians to interpret data correctly in order to guide policy decisions. According to *Science Daily, 90% of data in the world was generated over the last two years, so the need for statisticians will only grow.

Statisticians have specialized mathematical tools that are used in a broad spectrum of professions solve problems. Because of this diversity, statisticians must work and communicate well with others. The new statistics track includes statistics-related elective courses from other disciplines including business, sociology and psychology. Our students will learn the theory and practice of statistics within the context of a rich liberal arts education provided at HSU, thus making them particularly well-suited for meaningful and productive careers in a profession with a myriad of job opportunities. Our first declared major in the statistics track plans to become an actuary and work in the insurance field.



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