The Master of Sports Administration program at Henderson State University has established relationships with many sports organizations in the state of Arkansas and beyond our borders to provide experiential learning opportunities for our students. The internship requirement can be met in the Summer I term allowing for a variety of experiences within the sports industry. There are 400 hours required in the internship. The student will secure an agency to fulfill the internship field experience. A contract between the student, the agency and graduate coordinator will be required. If the student is not successful in securing an agency, the graduate coordinator will assist in obtaining an internship assignment.

As the network of Henderson State University’s Sports Administration graduates spreads across the sport workplace, the career and internship possibilities expand for our Sport Administration alums.


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Lacie graduated with a double major in Park and Recreation Management and Travel and Tourism Management. Her minor was Business Administration. Arkansas State Parks jump-started her career, and she has now returned to her home in southwest Louisiana where she is the new Park Superintendent over park operations.

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Lacie CarterBachelor of Science - Recreation, 2010
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