What are my options if I am sexually assaulted?

If a sexual assault occurs, it can be a very traumatizing event, but there are ways to get help.

- On HSU campus, you can get in touch with a variety of people who will help you with the situation including RA's, Faculty and Staff members, HSU Police, and The Student Health and Counseling Center.

- Many people who are victims of sexual assault believe it is their fault and don't do anything about it.  A sexual assault is not something that generally just goes away, so even if no criminal charges are filed, talking with a professional can help make the transition back to "life as it was before" an easier task.

- There are several informative websites that can help you understand and make decisions. 

- To reach the Clack County Prosecutor, click HERE 

Other links to websites are as follows:

1. For recovery tips after an attack, click HERE 

2. For The Joyful Heart Foundation, a site that provides insight into some who have experienced the trauma of sexual assault, click HERE 

3. For videos and info on abuse and other health related topics, click HERE 

4. For data collected about sexual violence in Arkansas, click HERE 

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