MSE and EDS Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for MSE and EDS Educational Leadership


EDL 6123 Research for Educational Practitioners This course introduces students to research techniques applying action research. Their topic should address some issues within their own campus. The finished product will be a five chapter research proposal using appropriate APA format. The action research project will be completed and results reported during the candidate’s internship for the degree or program of study.

EDL 6213 Organizational Leadership This course provides an overview for all the areas important to a building administrator. It begins with the visioning process, looks at types of leaders, decision-making, professional development, supervision, budgeting and personnel and legal issues.

EDL 6223 Supervision and Education Leadership The course will alert and inform the prospective school administrator to the historical perspective of required supervisory duties and will aid in developing a personal supervisory philosophy and theory.

EDL 6333 School Finance and Resources Management This course provides an overview of school resource management; a study of fund sources, equity and adequacy in school finance, principles of budgeting and cost accounting, the relationship of education to economics, Arkansas school finance, human resource management and related finance issues.

EDL 6343 School/Community Resources and Relationships This course provides an overview of the skills required of school leaders as they effectively work with the special publics in the community served by public schools so that children will be provided with an appropriate education. It also includes processes needed to build a professional learning community.

EDL 6453 Educational Law and Political Systems School law examines legal processes as they affect American education, with special reference to Arkansas statutes and cases. The course emphasizes determining tort liability and contractual relationships of teachers, administrators, and other district employees.

EDL 6533 Leadership Internship Students work in a public school setting(s) under the guidance of a public school principal(s) and a university professor for a minimum of 175 clock hours. This work will involve the organization, administration, and operation of the school. Experiences will include interaction with social service agencies as well as private and community organizations. In addition, students will develop an action research project with the approval and cooperation of the school principal.

EDL 6623 Curriculum Strategies for Instructional Leaders This course focuses on the interaction between curriculum, instruction, and assessment as essential to student achievement. It examines the role of the principal as a facilitator of curriculum design and implementation.

EDL 6643 Curriculum Specialist The Curriculum Program Administrator Internship is designed to give curriculum and subject area specialists an opportunity to translate theory into practice. During the internship, the student must work in an apprenticeship setting with a practicing curriculum superior in the intended area of specialization. The internship is intended for students seeking licensure as a Curriculum Program Administrator.

EDL 6653 Special Education Supervisor The Special Education Supervisor Internship is designed to give specialists in Special Education an opportunity to translate theory into practice. During the internship, the student must work in an apprenticeship setting with a practicing special education supervisor. The internship is intended for students seeking licensure as a Special Education Supervisor as a Curriculum Program Administrator.

EDL 6693 Technology for School Leaders This course focuses on the use of technology across all functions of a school system. The course focuses on the leader’s role for the utilization of technology in the schools.

EDL 7113 Executive Leadership This course explores the personal leadership style, knowledge, skills, and attributes of effective leadership. It is designed to develop the skills of the school leader in developing vision and purpose of the school, use information, frame problems, and act ethically in the context of the role of educational leader.

EDL 7123 Organizational Management This course is designed to explore the day-to-day operation of preschool through grade 12 educational settings, improve the organizational operation, implement operational plans, manage financial resources, and apply decentralized management processes and procedures in the schools.

EDL 7233 Advanced Research Methods This course is designed to prepare educational leaders to become more effective and efficient administrators through an in-depth study of the types of research methods. The student will present research in a five chapter thesis and defend the thesis before obtaining the Ed. Specialist Degree.

EDL 7363 Governance and Politics This course addresses constitutional, statutory, administrative, and judicial law impacting school management and operation. It also prepares district level administrators to become more effective leaders through the understanding of the school as part of the political and governance systems at the local, state, and national levels.

EDL 7473 Leadership for Curriculum and Instruction This course is designed to train leaders in the design of appropriate curricula and instructional programs, development of learner centered school cultures, assessment of outcomes, student personnel services, and planning for professional development activities aimed at improving education.

EDL 7483 Human Resources Administration This course is a study of the administrator’s role in recruitment, selection, induction, retention, classification, evaluation, and dismissal of school employees, including certified and non-certified personnel.

EDL 7593 Fiscal Resources and Accountability This course focuses on the development of sound fiscal management procedures, development of accountability and auditing factors associated with effective school management.

EDL 7613 Mentorship in Educational Leadership This course provides significant observation opportunities in the workplace that gives the leadership student the opportunity to synthesize and to apply the strategic, instructional, organizational, and contextual leadership competencies of the program of study. The Mentorship includes a seminar which will allow the completion and defense of the candidate’s scholarly research paper.

EDL 7633 Curriculum Alignment and Assessment This course introduces administrators to methods and procedures for effective curriculum design, development, and implementation. It includes the implementation of effective assessment practices.

EDL 7703 Integrating Technology This course addresses specific technologies and how to integrate them into instruction. Integrating technology into the curriculum requires both technological skill and knowledge of curricular and pedagogical issues entailed in the process. Thus, in addition to developing specific technological skills, candidates will explore different ways of using technology in instruction, assessment, research, and professional development. We will examine current technological trends, pedagogical issues, and scholarly research addressing the integration of technology in teaching and learning.

EDL 7713 Technology Communication In this course candidates will examine uses of technology to market school districts and to increase communication with all stakeholders. They will learn to use various technology to communicate with the school and business community.

EDL 7723 Technology for District Administrators Superintendent candidates will learn to use technology to collect and analyze data and examine security measures needed to protect district technology systems. They will be introduced to social, legal and ethical issues arising out of the use of technology. This course will also focus on skills, knowledge and practices needed by a district administrator in planning for and purchasing technology.

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