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The major benefit to having the internet is that it gives anyone quick and easy access to a vast amount of knowledge.  It has been said before that the most important thing about education is not making sure you know everything, but to make sure you know how to find what you need.  This page is to assist any Faculty or Staff with this process by listing some links to some common computer questions.


Microsoft Issues

If you happen to find yourself having issues with a PC laptop or desktop, you might want to consider using this helpful link provided by Microsoft.  It will check your settings on your PC and determine if there is a quick solution to your problem.  If you do not feel comfortable using the options on this link, you are always welcome to contact the HelpDesk for assistance.

Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010

Most Faculty and Staff on campus are still using Office 2007.  Here are some helpful links on Microsoft's page with tutorials for each Office program:

Compressing Photos

It is important to resize pictures (or compress), images and photographs before they are published to a webpage or circulated in an e-mail or an electronic newsletter.

Resizing or compressing images will ensure that the items will display on-screen in a quick manner. Items that are not resized correctly can cause web pages to load slowly, and they take up a lot of valuable space on our web server. Sending large photos via e-mail can cause a mailbox to fill up quickly which means the user (receiver or sender) may not be able to send or receive additional mail without clearing out space. If you send an e-mail to multiple addresses, the system makes multiple copies of your large data picture. For example, if you send a large picture to ten people, the system makes a copy for each e-mail account. This can cause a mail server to slow down or possibly crash.

If you are unfamiliar with compressing photos, you can follow the directions in this PDF (requires Microsoft Office Picture Manager).

HSU Specific information

Most of the information that is relevant for Henderson Faculty and Staff can be found on myHenderson.  Some examples include Community News rules, signing up for and using Appriver, connecting to the HSU Faculty Wireless, connecting to your HSU computer from home, and more.  All of this information can be found under the "Resources(employee)" tab after logging into myHenderson.  If you have trouble, you can contact the HelpDesk for assistance. 

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