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Connie Phelps

Dr. Phelps comes to Henderson State University with 19 years experience in the non-formal teaching field. She received her BSE in Home Economics from Henderson State University, her MS in General Home Economics from Louisiana Tech University and her Ph.D. in Human Resource Education and Workforce Development from Louisiana State University.

She teaches Apparel Quality Analysis, Home Furnishings, Consumer Education, Textiles, Housing, Clothing Construction and Family Relations. She has served with both the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center and the University of Arkansas’ Cooperative Extension Service as a 4-H Youth Development Specialist. Her areas of interest were event planning, leadership, curriculum management, evaluation and reporting.


The time I spent in the Dietetics program at Henderson prepared me for an intense internship and gave me the background knowledge I needed to be successful in the internship and in my career.

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Anna HardinBachelor of Science - Family and Consumer Science (Dietetics), 2005
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