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Dana Horn

Mrs. Dana Horn comes to Henderson State University with 33 years teaching experience in secondary public schools. She received her BSE in Vocational Home Economics from Ouachita Baptist University and her MSE in Vocational Education from University of Arkansas. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescent/Young Adult Career and Technical Education (EAYA/CTE). She teaches courses in Family Relationships, Parenting, Child Development, Organization and Administration of Preschools, Child Care Practicum and Special Methods in FCS.
Mrs. Horn supervises Family and Consumer Sciences interns and is director of the Davis-Baker Preschool, a laboratory preschool for Family and Consumer Sciences Child Care Management and P-4 Education majors.

She is a member of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, American Association of Career and Technical Education, and American Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences. She serves on several committees at Henderson State including General Education, new program development in birth to pre-kindergarten teacher certification, and Faculty Hearing, as well as several community organization committees.

Mrs. Horn enjoys piano, choral music, reading and sewing. She enjoys spending time with her family which includes her husband, Gene; children, Heather and Eric Diggs, Ryan, Haley and P.J. Horn; and grandchildren, Lexi and Drew Diggs.


 "I would not trade my education and experiences from Henderson for anything! I learned to reach for more than what I thought was my best and that the sky is the limit when you give it your all."

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Veena Goswami MorrisonBachelor of Science - Family and Consumer Science (Fashion Merchandising), 1999
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