Resume & Interview Prep

Got a job interview? Congrats – but it’s not celebration time yet. It’s prep time! Check out the following resume & interview prep tips below and get cramming. With good preparation – along with a little luck – you can convert that interview into a job offer. 


Resume Assistance

In today’s job market, you need to make sure your resume is going to be read – rather than quickly scanned and thrown away. Follow the links below for some great resume assistance and handouts.

Resume Assistance

Resume Handouts

Professional Clothes Closet

In choosing to dress for success, the objective is to ensure that you properly present yourself as the person who you are and someone who is seeking career success. If you're in need of interview attire, please stop by our Professional Clothes Closet and check out the links below for some dress for success tips.

Professional Clothes Closet

Dress for Success Handouts

Interview Prep

Landing an interview is never enough. You need to go beyond the usual to impress your potential employer and grab the job. Here are a few job interview tips to help you improve your chances of success.

 Mock Interviews

Interview Prep Handouts

Interview Questions

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