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Greetings from the Department Chair!

Dr. Lynn Glover-Stanley



Henderson State University
Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Athletic Training

Welcome, on behalf of the Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Athletic Training! I am very proud to be a part of the Graduate Sport Administration Program as graduate coordinator.  

The HPER/AT Department provides one of the strongest programs in the field of Sport Administration, that foster unique collaborative efforts within our diverse University community, the outside community and abroad.  

In Sport Administration, we have enjoyed great partnerships with friends and colleagues in the Arkansas sports industry. We have a very comprehensive program that provides a strong linkage to the world of competitive sports and the community.

We expect to provide you with an excellent Henderson State University experience and one that enables you to be on top in today’s job market.  

The graduate faculty in the HPER/AT Department has an “open door” policy and we look forward in meeting all of you, as you embark upon your education endeavors at Henderson State University.  


Lynn Glover-Stanley, Ed. D
Chairperson-HPER/AT Department
Henderson State University




Lacie graduated with a double major in Park and Recreation Management and Travel and Tourism Management. Her minor was Business Administration. Arkansas State Parks jump-started her career, and she has now returned to her home in southwest Louisiana where she is the new Park Superintendent over park operations.

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Lacie CarterBachelor of Science - Recreation, 2010
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