Member Services

Member Services


 Member Services

CREDIT UNION MEMBER BILL OF RIGHTS Because you are the force behind our credit union's growth and prosperity, and because credit union work for members, you and fellow members can expect:
1) A financially secure institution complying with the laws and regulations that govern it.
2) A solid financial condition; responsible management of members' financial resources.
3) Highly principled employees demonstrating integrity, professionalism, and ethical behavior.
4) Respectful, courteous, timely, and unbiased personal service.
5) Confidential records and transactions.
6) The opportunity for you opinions to be heard and valid.
7) An equal vote with other members, regardless of account balance.
8) Volunteer credit union board and committee membership opportunities if you qualify and are elected.
9) Dividend and loan rates that compete with and, whenever possible, offer advantages over other financial institutions' rates.
10) Truthful advertising and disclosure of product and service rates, risks, charges, obligations, terms and conditions.
11) Timely response to loan requests, account problems, or suggestions. 
12) Recourse appeal and fair resolution of problems
13) Consumer information to help you make wise credit, saving, and purchasing decisions, and to effectively manage your money 
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You can be a credit union member/owner, too.

Loans Available
Low cost, competitive loans are available to members for worthwhile purposes:
*Auto loans
*RV, Boat, 4-wheeler, etc.
*Signature loans
*Home Equity Line of Credit
Credit life and credit disability insurance available on most loans. Mechanical Breakdown Extended coverage and Gap Loan Protection Coverage also available. Protect Your Investment!

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Additional Benefits for Members

* Free $1,000 Accidental Death and Disability Policy provided by CUNA Mutual by filling out enrollment
* Federally insured deposits
* Payroll deductions when approved by employer
* Family and lifetime memberships
* Free notary service

Savings Opportunities
Now's the time! Whether you start with a just a few dollars or a larger amount, the important thing is to start! You make the difference in your short term or long term goals. Consistent, regular deposits are one of the keys to building savings and helping to reach your goals.

- Regular Share Account -
An account which pays a variable dividend rate quarterly, with an amount earned based on the balance. A minimum balance of $5.00 is required to open an account.

- Christmas Club Account -
A favorite among our members! Sign up beginning each new year and you can be ready for the Christmas Holidays and gift giving.

-Summer Club Account -
Need extra funds in the spring for taxes, summer months or VACATIONS! This is the savings account for you!


-Share Certificate of Deposit Account -

Higher earning rates on your funds

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