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Apply to H.S.U.

We encourage you to begin the admissions process soon after you have scheduled your audition!  Here are the steps you should take to be admitted to Henderson State University:

1. Take the ACT

Check with your high school or visit to register for the ACT exam. The earlier that you have taken the test and received your scores, the sooner we can offer you a music scholarship. Scores are generally mailed within 4 to 7 weeks after the exam date.

  • Fall 2013 exam dates: September 21, October 26, December 14 
  • Spring 2014 exam dates: February 8, April 12, June 14
To have your scores sent to Henderson State University, you will need to include our university code: 0126.


2. Apply to Henderson State University

Apply for admission to HSU prior to February 15, which is the priority deadline to qualify for an academic scholarship (based upon ACT/SAT scores). Apply with either the online application or the printable application, both available here.

3. Apply for Academic Scholarship

Once your ACT scores are available, you should fill out an academic scholarship application if you have a composite score of 21 or greater. This application is separate from the HSU admissions application, and can be accessed here.  Academic scholarships are very competitive--early application is highly recommended! Scholarships will be awarded as funds are available.

4. Apply for Out-of-State fee waiver (if applicable)
You may be eligible for this fee waiver if you have completed high school in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, or Louisiana.  The printable application can be accessed from the Financial Aid Forms page. 



 “The undergraduate education in music that I received from Henderson has changed my life by opening doors for me both educationally and professionally. It prepared me for success by giving me the tools necessary to be a successful music educator. My BME achieved at Henderson afforded me opportunities for success in graduate and post graduate studies as well as professional advancement in addition to allowing my family and me the employment and thus financial security that is so precarious today without such educational opportunities. I am grateful to Henderson State University.”

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Kevin TaylorBachelor of Music - Education (Instrumental), 1982
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