Faculty Assistance

Encourage your students to take advantage of the services offered by the Center for Career Development. Announce to your classes the services and upcoming events available through Career Development. Explain that the students should be visiting the Center for Career Development their freshman year and continue visiting on a regular basis.

Share with us any information concerning your major and the careers and graduate programs related to it. Any information you provide us about your department will be shared with students deciding on a major.

Encourage your students to attend workshops, career fairs, and other events sponsored by the Center for Career Development. Announce upcoming events to your students and consider giving extra credit for attendance.

Communicate to students the mission of the Center for Career Development. Help students understand that, while Career Development will not find jobs for them, we will teach them all the skills they need and will assist them in finding a job. They will gain more from learning these skills instead of having the job search done for them since they will eventually have to utilize these skills again when they make a job or career change in their future.

Promote the importance of acquiring good job search skills. Explain that by planning ahead and seeking assistance from the Center for Career Development early on., they will hone good job search skills that can mean the difference between a job and a career.

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