Office of Institutional Advancement

The Office of Institutional Advancement serves as a liaison between Henderson and its alumni and friends. Our goal is your goal -- to make this institution the very best it can be, and we are here to make sure that Henderson and its programs continue to benefit current and future students. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to chat with you about the past, present, and future of this "school with a heart," so please contact us via the information listed below or drop by to see us the next time you are on campus.

Jennifer Boyett
Vice President of University Advancement
(870) 230-5841

Carrie Roberson

(870) 230-5518

Sherry Wright

Alumni Services Coordinator
(870) 230-5352

Yvonne Saul

Advancement Research Associate
(870) 230-5297

Beth Taggard
Administrative Specialist
(870) 230-5981

Office Directory

(870) 230-5401
(870) 230-5400 (fax)

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