Creating the Future of College: Reimagining Henderson

Student FAQ

Updated April 19, 2022

Henderson State University is in the process of restructuring to serve students more effectively. We are committed to changes that will improve your access to education and make college more affordable. Our goal is to increase the number of students who graduate so that you can be successful in achieving your goals.

As decisions are made in May regarding the future of current academic programs, we will work individually with students in programs that may be eliminated to ensure that we provide courses required to complete degrees. We are fortunate to now be a part of the Arkansas State University System and will utilize the partnerships and resources within the system, where needed, to support students.

Actively enrolled students and freshmen entering in Fall 2022 will be supported to complete degrees in your chosen academic area at Henderson.

We are taking the necessary steps to provide students with the support and experiences that we know you will need as you prepare for what's next. Henderson is known for preparing its graduates to succeed in both life and work. As the university responds to these changes, our first and most important priority is to help you be successful.

Henderson’s Division of Student Affairs understands and respects that you’ll have questions during these changes, and we want to provide a space to have those conversations. In addition to student forums that we are hosting, the following FAQ is available as a resource for you. Please contact Dr. Nikki Laird at with any additional questions as we will continue to update this FAQ.

Q: Why is Henderson experiencing financial challenges?

A: Henderson is working to implement cost-savings measures to reduce an expected budget deficit this year. This deficit is caused by a number of factors, including debt that has accumulated over time and a need to re-evaluate how we operate—really thinking about what academic programs students need and want and which degrees lead to employment opportunities for Henderson graduates. Additional information is available at

Q: Does Henderson plan to close or become a community college?

A: Absolutely not. We are making changes to ensure that Henderson is a thriving and successful 4-year institution for years to come.

Q: If academic programs are eliminated in the future as part of restructuring, will students be able to complete degrees in progress?

A: Yes. In the event it is necessary to eliminate academic programs in the future, actively enrolled students and freshmen entering in Fall 2022 will be supported to complete your degrees.

Q: I am planning to enroll at Henderson as a freshman in Fall 2022. Will my major still be offered, and is my academic scholarship still the same?

A: Yes. All freshmen who enroll at Henderson for Fall 2022 will be supported to complete degrees in the current academic catalog regardless of any future changes to academic programs. Your academic scholarship will continue based on the agreement that you signed with the university as long as you maintain the requirements for your scholarship (credit hours completed, grade point average, etc.).

Q: I heard rumors that academic scholarships will be cut or reduced. Is that true?

A: No. Academic scholarships will continue according to the commitments made between Henderson and students.

Q: Will student work study jobs still be available?

A: Work study positions for Spring 2022 are continuing as scheduled. Federal work study positions are part of your financial aid package from the federal government, and therefore, should not be impacted in the future. Henderson will re-evaluate institutional work study for future semesters but prefers to provide as many student employment opportunities on campus as possible.

Q: Will my graduate program continue to be offered? Will I be able to finish my degree?

A: Students who are currently enrolled in academic programs, including at the graduate level, will be supported to finish degrees.

Q: Will there be any impact to field experience hours and teacher internships needed for education majors?

A: Henderson will continue to work with local school districts to place education majors for internship and field experience hours.

Q: Other Arkansas State University System campuses work together to offer degree programs and share staffing. Is that possible for Henderson?

A: Yes. As a member of the ASU System, Henderson could work with other campuses to complement delivery of academic programs and help students complete degrees. Henderson already has access to some shared services for staffing, including legal and benefits support from the ASU System Office and payroll support from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

Q: When will decisions about academic programs be communicated?

A: The Arkansas State University Board of Trustees will review academic program recommendations in late April or early May.

Q: What is happening to address the budget deficit?

A: On February 28, Henderson faculty and staff will begin a furlough equivalent of eight hours a week that will extend until June 30 at a minimum. This will help save approximately 20 percent of the university’s payroll costs during the time of the furlough.

Q: Will the faculty and staff furloughs impact my classes?

A: Spring 2022 classes will continue as scheduled.

Q: Will furloughs have any impact on campus operations?

A: Student activities and athletic events will continue. The library, recreation center, and campus dining will continue to provide services for students. Campus offices will be open during regular office hours. Please watch your Henderson email for updates.